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Murals for Walls: 5 Interesting Reasons to choose Murals over Paints

Alisha Nanda June 17, 2021 0 comments
Floral Décor for your Dining Space

Murals have been in trend for the last few years. People are choosing wallpapers over paints and are redecorating their entire space. Be it your workplace, your home, restaurants, malls, etc. People are choosing these amazing sheets in comparison with paints.

However, there are certain people who are still unsure which one to choose. MagicWall is determined to solve their queries and give them an insight into the world of wallpapers and wall murals.

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Paints have always been our go-to product whenever we start decorating our homes. Good furniture and beautifully colored walls have always been the stereotype.

Thankfully with the advancing technology, we have come up with new ideas on how we can explore the world of décor by customizing our own wallpapers and being the master of decorating our own space.

Murals Finishing leads the Way

Murals for Walls: 5 Interesting Reasons to choose Murals over Paints 1
Murals Vs Paints

When we look at the finishing structure of Paints against the wallpapers, we spot a huge difference. If the primer used for the paints is not applied properly or some low-quality primers are used before the application of paints it results in an uneven texture and doesn’t give a proper look.

However, the wallpaper application is easy and gives a perfect texture after the application. The smooth and sleek finish is what you look for. It enhances your decor and gives an aesthetic look to your walls.

No Dampness in your Walls

Murals for Walls: 5 Interesting Reasons to choose Murals over Paints 2
Murals Vs Paints

Sometimes there is a moisture ingress through the lateral walls and it results in water patches on your walls. Those patches destroy the entire décor and give an old rustic look to your space.

Wallpapers are applied in such a manner that no dampness is visible through those magical sheets. MagicWall ensures in maintaining a high-quality production of Wallpaper and their application is done seamlessly. This results in unwrinkled sheets which makes your space look fantastic!

No more Cracks on your Walls

Murals for Walls: 5 Interesting Reasons to choose Murals over Paints 3
Murals Vs Paints

Natural Calamities are unavoidable. No matter how much we keep ourselves prepared it does affect our homes and buildings. In severe situations, we can see the effect of natural calamities on our walls. There are cracks on the walls and it distorts the paint that we use. Overall, it ruins our décor and we cannot take an immediate step for it.

MagicWall brings you an amazing range of wall murals that do not wear off or get ruptured due to any kind of calamity. These sheets glide on your walls perfectly!

Application is Super Easy

Murals for Walls: 5 Interesting Reasons to choose Murals over Paints 4
Enhancing your Meeting Rooms with Wall Murals

Application of paints takes up a lot of time and effort. We need almost 4 – 5 days for completing the painting of a room. Along with that it takes up additional time to dry and settle on your walls.

Wall Murals are extremely easy to apply and hardly take 2- 3 days for completion by our experts at MagicWall.

To know more about the application process visit our website checkout the installation process in brief:

No more Strong Scents

Whenever we paint our homes, we do witness a strong chemical scent that comes along application of the paints. It is unavoidable and no immediate measures can be taken for it. The people who have allergies or other respiratory problems are advised to stay away from those rooms and only step in when the scent wears off. Imagine a person who owns a house and cannot even get inside as it would hamper his health.

Finally, those magical sheets are here which do not create any health issues at all. Our wallpapers at MagicWall do not contain any V.O.C (Volatile Organic Compound). No V.O.C, No Respiratory Issues!


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