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Boat Mountain

$ 1.31 /sq.ft. $ 1.24 /sq.ft.

The 3D Flower design with super bright color, with an elegant touch to make…

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How to hang wallpaper guide

Start by dividing the lengths as indicated by the cutting symbols. Lay the lengths, with the label facing upwards, in numerical order starting with length number 1. Make sure you have all the lengths and that none of them are defective or damaged.

Our wall murals are always hung from the left to the right, start with the left corner of your wall. The lengths are numbered in hanging order from left to right. The lengths should be hung edge to edge without any overlapping. It is essential that the first length is vertically straight. (Tip: Make a pencil mark one wallpaper width from the left near the ceiling. Hold a plumb line on the mark and draw a vertical line down the wall. Then line up your first length of wallpaper with the pencil line.)

Roll the paste straight onto the wall. Be sure to evenly cover the entire surface. If you miss a spot, this will cause the wall mural to bubble. Paste an area the width of one and a half lengths at a time. Gently and evenly press the lengths together to ensure there are no visible seams. Make sure the wall has been pasted where the lengths meet so that the edges are not visible.

Try not to get paste on the front of the wall mural. Any excess paste should be removed immediately using a wet wallpaper sponge. Smooth each length with a clean wallpapering tool or wallpaper brush. Work from the ceiling to the floor and from the middle out to the edges.

Once all the wallpaper has been hung, cut off any excess along the ceiling and floor. Always use a sharp blade to avoid tearing the paper. Keep the room ventilated and at normal room temperature for 24 hours to allow the paste to dry.

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Ordering Wallpaper is Super easy from Magicwall, Please follow the steps:

  1. Select the Design from the Collection of 10000+ Designs available under Design.
  2. Select the Kind of Wallpaper Media you need, For Self Adhesive you will receive material which have adhesive in it. For standard material you will get standard wallpaper which follows traditional Installation procedure.
  3. Select the Texture & Finish of the Material from the range of Materials.
  4. Enter the Size in Height & Width
  5. Crop/resize the design to fit the wall size and select print area.
  6. You are all done now, Just Click the Add to Cart button to start the checkout process.

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We will produce your wallpaper on demand within 24 Hrs after you have placed your order with confirmed payment. We then ship your wallpaper with FedEx. Average delivery time is 3-6 work days. We assure 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your wallpaper, please contact us as soon as possible after you have received your order. After due verification we will either replace or refund your order which ever necessary.

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We care about the environment and has ever since the start contained a progressive sustainability work. Here is a list of 7 initiatives we are a little extra proud of. Most of them started up as successful pilot projects and are now standard in our production.

  • Print on-demand
  • FSC certified paper
  • 100% non-toxic product chain
  • Smart & Efficient packing
  • Wallpaper paste made out of potato starch
  • Environmental proofed packaging
  • We recycle all waste material

The 3D Flower design with super bright color, with an elegant touch to make your room alive. It is best suitable for bedroom and other highlighted areas. These customized wallpapers are made with a specialized formula which makes sure it doesn’t have any fume or VOC like paint.

Wallpapers are always best for quick customization of the ambiance, be it your bedroom or your office, and the icing on the cake is the 3D Customization which can be done using our 3D Wallpaper which makes sure you have the ambiance as you need.

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