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Make a name for yourself as a rockstar rocket scientist

There are many research areas in science, such as Earth and space, where astronomy and geoscience have their roots, life science, where research takes place at the cellular level, and precise science, where mathematical terms are interspersed with logical reasoning and philosophy. All of these topics are appealing, and for the scientifically established, a wall mural of your favourite research area is the key to creative thinking and possibly a significant breakthrough. Alternatively, you could have a large image of a star chart on your bedroom wall, or if you’re feeling brave, you could place the wall mural on the ceiling to create a living star spectacle. With a large-scale science wall mural, you can even have your own photo on your wall – contact our design services and we will assist you in creating an intelligent and creative environment in your room.


For which science does your heart beat?

Do you have an interest in science and how the world is linked together and how things are structured? Our science wall murals are inspired by the advanced and mathematical systems that whirl around us daily. With a touch of graphic technique, our science motifs are the perfect background wall in your home. Do you have a detailed picture of a rocket launch or the planets in a high-scaled size? We can make a wall mural that fits your needs.