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Vintage Magic for Your Walls

Saubhagya Mishra February 21, 2021 0 comments

Vintage Magic for Your Walls 1

For the coming week, we have vintage magic for your walls. The word vintage goes back as old as the 15th century, first used by the French (they were the real artists) as the word “vendange” referring to their wine from grape harvest for the season. Vintage is something that gives you a priceless feeling of sophistication and nobility. Your space and your surrounding always add to your mood, the ambiance has a major role to play in your peace in productivity.

Why Vintage you may ask?

As we were rolling our brains for ideas for a new wall mural collection, we came up with a couple of ideas. We selected Vintage as our new collection as we wanted to bring the ideas of old fashionistas. We decided that to give your walls a little touch of the past with a whiff of modern art. For the vintage, looks come with a soothing effect on our mind and calming aura for your ambiance. The best part about vintage is it increases the value of your space as it’s genuinely from past era. You work hard and you deserve the best space one can have.

A beautiful mural of our vinatage collection
Wallpaper : Vintage collection

A beautiful mural of our vintage collection
Wallpaper : Vintage collection

A beautiful mural of our Vintage collection
Wallpaper : Vintage collection

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