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Wallpaper Collection by Rooms

Let your imagination run wild with our bedroom wallpapers.

Convert your bedroom into a palace from our Wallpaper Collections by rooms. How about a harmonious yet rustic-looking wall mural combined with a single-colour duvet and cushions? It would be illogical to assert that a good set of bed linens does not improve your sleep. However, patterned textiles should be used with caution if you want a "hotel bedroom" look. Our carefully curated collection of bedroom wall murals has something for everyone.

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Living Room Wallpaper

The family room, or living room as most of us refer to it, is the focal point of any home and one of the most important rooms. It is a place where we all frequently congregate, whether it is a family gathering to play board games or an evening with close friends. Create the ideal living room in which you can all spend quality time together. What style would you choose for your living room wall mural? Minimalistic, colourful, industrial, romantic, bohemian, vintage, urban, or perhaps a contemporary living room wall mural? Find out now and turn your living room into a tourist attraction!

Living Room Category-min
Ceiling Wallpaper-min

With a ceiling wallpaper mural !!

When did we get so caught up in creating beautiful ceilings that we forgot about them? It's time for a change! Any room will benefit from a one-of-a-kind and unexpected focal point created by ceiling wallpaper. Ceiling wallpapers in a small space are an excellent choice for those who do not have enough wall space to decorate. Maybe you want sky ceiling wallpaper, faux tin ceiling wallpaper, or textured ceiling wallpaper.

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Wallpapers for any type of kitchen décor

A house party's focal point is frequently the kitchen. It's where your friends congregate to discuss whatever comes to mind. It's a place where everyone can feel at ease and relaxed, with no rules or expectations. Consider our “Urban Emerald” green tile wall mural, which is paired with decorative brass elements and green cabinets, if you want something more daring, something that will stand out and surprise your guests when they walk in.

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kids room category-min

Wallpaper for a child's room that is both playful and creative.

Use one of our carefully selected kid's wallpapers to make your child's room more exciting. We have something for everyone in our collection that will complement your child's artistic abilities, whether your child prefers a green, blue, red, or a rainbow of colours. Perhaps there is a selection of drawings or paintings, and you'd prefer to paint your own wallpaper? Why not group them together and make a large wallpaper out of them?

hallway category-min

A wall mural can be used to greet guests.

To spruce up your hallway or entrance way, use eye-catching wallpaper. A hallway is an excellent location for experimenting with a bold and edgy pattern on a small wall. We've got you covered with our Hallway wallpaper design collection. You always order the exact amount of wallpaper you need at Rebel Walls. We hope you'll find a pattern or design that works for your hallway – and that it will be memorable.

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dining room category-min

Using wallpaper, you can create the ideal dining room.

Enhance your dining room wallaper in ways you never imagined possible. Combine your favourite wall mural with materials such as wood, metal, marble, and fabrics. You can decorate your dining room in any way you want with our carefully curated collection of dining room wall murals. Why not apply this pattern to all four walls? Simply add up all of your wall widths and choose the highest height.

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